This course emphasizes the refinement of select types of writing and expression. You will learn to develop your ideas completely, to think logically, and to improve your writing style through the writing process. We will also practice and develop the speaking skills necessary for success after high school.

Units of Study
Independent reading (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
Writing for school and the workplace.
Speaking and communication for success in school and the workplace. 

Welcome to READ180!  In this course you will enhance your skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We will be using the Scholastic Read 180 program, a research-based program which helps students improve reading comprehension skills. This double-block course combines large and small group instruction, independent reading, computer work, and writing. Our goal in this class is to help you become active, engaged, and strong readers while enjoying the process. In addition, you will learn to write effective paragraphs and multi-paragraph essays.  

Large and Small Group Instruction: Each student will have a Read 180 student workbook. Students are expected to complete the assignments as we move through the units.

Independent and Small Group Reading: A major component of this program is independent and small group reading. We have a large collection of high-interest books for students at different reading levels. Students will be expected to read and discuss books that interest them during the time given. They will complete various assignments (logs, quick writes, and book projects) that are designed to help them become stronger readers.

Computer work: Each student is expected to follow an individualized study program, which includes work in spelling, reading skills, and vocabulary. 

Writing: Each student is expected to work on writing assignments as they accompany the units. In this course, we will work on writing effective paragraphs in the MEL-CON style, and then build to multi-paragraph essays. We will also work on grammar, vocabulary, and oral communication. All papers must be typed.  Students without computers at home can use the school computer labs or check out laptop computers from the library to take home for one night.