This team taught class looks explores the big ideas and issues that have been a part of American culture since our earliest days in America.

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WREN, WREN and more WREN

Awesome books taught by a words teacher. 

This course offers students the opportunity to explore and analyze the traditions, techniques, and genres of American literature. The course emphasizes writing and offers extensive instruction in the writing process. In addition, usage and mechanics, analytic reading techniques, rhetorical analysis, and vocabulary development will be incorporated within the curriculum.

This course is an accelerated and enhanced approach to effective written and oral communication. Students will focus on style, structure, and language appropriate for various purposes and audiences and will be actively involved in research methodology, writing, and speaking at advanced levels. As part of the course work, the student will review basic grammar and usage, study vocabulary, read selected fiction and nonfiction texts, and utilize technology to develop multimedia products and presentations.