This course provides an accelerated study of psychology. Students acquire understandings equivalent to those gained in a college level introductory course. Coursework offers a general study of terms and concepts that psychologists use as well as concentration in theories of learning development, personality, emotions, feelings, self awareness, problems of the unconscious, and social psychology. This course will prepare students to take the College Board Advanced Placement Exam.

This is for AP Students ONLY!

This course will target the four main skill components of listening, reading, writing and speaking in language acquisition. Students will be immersed in the language through authentic experiences in the four areas as well as various cultural experiences throughout the year.

This course provides a study of a variety of literary periods and styles of Hispanic literature with an emphasis on oral communication. Novels, plays, poetry, and contemporary short stories are studied, giving the student more advanced insight into Hispanic civilization and literature. A systematic grammar review is provided at this level. Continued emphasis is placed on developing composition skills. Opportunities may be provided for students to pursue their own interests through special projects, including language lab activities.

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World History is a year long survey course that exams the history of the world in a series of chronological and thematic units.