This Moodle site is for all Prospect students looking to review the essentials of grammar. Those who struggle with 4-level analysis and those who want extra practice will benefit from the lessons posted on this site.

This course integrates the language arts skills of reading, writing, critical thinking, research, speaking, and listening. It is designed for students who have aptitudes for broader and deeper study in the areas of literature, writing, and communication. Students analyze non-fiction and fiction to better understand the elements of written expression. The writing program emphasizes the development of organizational strategies and audience awareness. Students will study communication theory, public speaking, and small and large group discussion skills. The performance component will allow students to demonstrate their understanding of course content and their ability to communicate effectively.

This course is the same as the Honors Writing and Oral Communication course, but it is built for student iPad use.

Employing design principles and visual elements, students will explore personal imagery and digital imaging. Camera, film, and darkroom processes and procedures will be the foundation of this class. This course satisfies the district's fine arts graduation requirement.

This course continues exploration of personal imagery while incorporating advanced darkroom techniques, alternative darkroom methods, and computer processes into student's photography.

This studio-based course is designed for the motivated student who is interested in further exploration of the art of photography. The class offers students the opportunity to advance their technical skills in traditional photography and digital imaging. Students will continue to develop a personal direction in their work.