This is a required, two-semester course that investigates the history of the world from the Classical Period (600 BCE) to the present.  The central objective is to help one understand the world and how it arrived at its present condition.

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This course provides review materials for students who must pass an exam on the United States Constitution, the Illinois State Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the United States Flag Code. All students must pass this exam to satisfy graduation requirements of both the state of Illinois and Township High School District 214.

Spanish 1

This course focuses on the world's physical features, how they blend with social systems, and how they affect economies, politics, and human interaction.

By understanding how political and economic systems influence international events, students will develop the skills and knowledge they will need to be contributing citizens: they will be able to make informed choices, prudently use resources, and function as effective participants in the society and economies around them.

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French 4

This course provides a behavioral study of oneself in relation to human group behavior. Specific units will include sociological methodology, cultures, institutions, values, marriage, family, sexuality, and social issues. This course will introduce consumer education topics that will be completed in Sociology 2 (07720). Students must complete both semesters 07710 and 07720 to satisfy the state consumer education requirement.

Spanish 2