Courses: Health Education (08690)



Tedd Markos -

Francisco Cortez -



Description: In this course, students develop their knowledge and skills related the major concepts of wellness and personal and public health.




This course is designed to assist students in obtaining accurate information, developing lifelong positive attitudes and behaviors, and making wise decisions related to their personal health.  Course will include personal and community health; mental, emotional, and social health; injury prevention and safety; nutrition and physical activity; alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs; growth, development, and sexual health. Central themes are the acceptance of personal responsibility for lifelong health, respect for and promotion of the health of others, an understanding of the process of growth and development, and informed use of health-related information, products, and services.



Units of Study:

Include, but are not limited to:  Nutrition, Mental Health, Human Sexuality, Drugs and Alcohol, Wellness, Disease, and First Aid. Additional materials to be determined, based on students needs, current events, student interest, and differentiation.





iPad apps including:  MyFitnessPal, STDIQ and iTriage