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This is the first course in Wheeling High School's Health Careers Pathway program. 

This course includes topics such as: Introduction to Health Careers, Careers in the Medical Field, Teamwork, Healthcare Systems, Medical Math, and Communication.  Additiopnally, students will explore the following human body Units: The Integumentary System, Musculoskeletal System, Cardiovascular System, and Cells, Tissues, and Cancer.

This is the second course in the Health Careers Pathway for students interested in a career in the medical field. Career exploration and systems-based medical terminology with a basic introduction to anatomy and physiology will be continued from the previous course. There will be an emphasis on leadership and diversity, through teamwork activities, reading, writing, and technology strategies. Human Body Systems topics to be covered include the Respiratory System, Digestive System & Nutrition, Nervous System & Mental Health, Urinary System, and Reproductive System.  Students will also become certified in Basic Life Support for the Healthcare Provider.

Vocabulary course

This course is intended for students who have completed one year of Physics and one year of Chemistry.  Students should expect to apply rigorous mathematics in the development of theories, analysis of laboratory data, and solution of problems.  The primary focus of this course will be problem solving and mathematical model construction to explain mechanics (statistics, kinematics, and dynamics).

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The content of this course includes a mathematically oriented study of atomic and molecular structure along with the forces which govern chemical change. Topics include energy, conservation laws, organization and structure of matter, equilibrium, thermochemistry, and gas laws.

This course provides a detailed and comprehensive study of space and time measurement, optics and waves, electricity, magnetism, energy, and atomic structure. Course work demands a high level of mathematical rigor.

The study of physics includes topics of kinematics (motion, acceleration, forces, Newton's Laws), momentum, work & energy, waves, sound, electrostatics, and electricity.  Physics at Wheeling High School is taught with an emphasis on learning ACT-readiness skills within the physics curriculum.

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